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guangdong SMOOW sanitary ware Co., Ltd.

In the eastern part of Guangdong Province, there is a famous Chinese historical and cultural city - China Porcelain and Chaozhou. Because of its profound cultural heritage, it has bred Chaozhou people who are hardworking, hardworking, and united. Mr. Cai Yongfeng, the owner of SMOOW bathroom, has grown into a modern entrepreneur in such a cultural atmosphere. He has been working hard for the benefit of the public since he was founded, and he has worked hard to achieve the ideal of the heart at the moment of the establishment of the company. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of ceramic sanitary ware for more than ten years. With quality and brand, it has won a good reputation in the industry and has developed into a modern factory with 36,000 square meters. Large-scale production enterprises with advanced equipment such as two large imported computer kiln. Under the consensus of all employees, the “SMOOW Ware has been used in the world!” The corporate vision has inspired all like-minded and hard-working SMOOW people.

For more than ten years of honing and concentrating in the sanitary industry, SMOOW bathroom pilot Mr. Cai Yongfeng has developed a strong market acumen and insight into the needs of dealers and consumers. In order to develop and grow steadily, we will continue to benefit the world with better products and services. We will focus on the toilet as the core product series, and operate products and services with the craftsman and ingenuity to create a century-old enterprise with a long history. Therefore, SMOOW will "focus on the toilet for a hundred years" as the mission of the company, and is willing to fight for this mission for life!

Talent is the largest and most important capital of a company and the creator of all achievements. SMOOW Sanitary Ware has invested a lot of time and money in the training and shaping of talents to establish a formal training system. In 2016, the strategic policy of “Quality Enhancement Brand Growth” and “Doing the Details is Quality” was put forward, which officially opened the prelude of enterprise reform and transformation. Specialized in the establishment of the Cultural Propaganda Department, various corporate cultural activities and trainings have been done very well, the quality of employees has gradually improved, and the corporate atmosphere has become more and more harmonious. In order to forge fine products, the “Quality Standards Supervision Team”, which is based on front-line employees, has been established to allow employees to directly participate in quality management. It has truly improved its quality. From its establishment to the present, it has achieved remarkable results and is a stable enterprise. Development has laid a solid foundation.

SMOOW bathroom set the wisdom of all people, all employees have confirmed the core values ​​of the company - integrity, unity, innovation, win-win, gratitude, core values ​​are the basis and criteria for SMOOW people to do things, is the basic conditions and guarantees of the realization of the vision. To this end, SMOOW companies have been carefully creating an open platform, continuously increasing investment in software and hardware, allowing employees to work happily and happy, so that every SMOOW person can create extraordinary achievements, full of pride and sense of belonging; let distribution Businesses, suppliers, and all those who grow up with SMOOW, create and share results together, and truly make consumers who use Shenmuwang products in the world affordable, convenient, safe, and happy. It is really improving the quality of life of consumers, and is world-renowned for adding value to China's influence in the world.

"The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down," for the sake of "Fuze society, benefit the public"; in order to achieve "SMOOW sanitary ware for the world to use!" vision; in order to "focus on the toilet for a hundred years" Mission; With the core values ​​of “Integrity, Unity, Innovation, Win-win and Gratefulness” as the guideline, SMOOW people will persevere and unswervingly move forward and never stop!

Production capacity

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EUROPE (Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, etc.)
ASIA (South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand)
OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand)

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Smart toilets

Production workshop

Advanced production line
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Two automatic kilns
Intelligent control system
adjust the temperature automatically
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Water testing
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Fished products
Meet clients’ need
from production to packing
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Thick cartons
strong packing
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Our unique packaging design
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Development path


Guangdong smoow sanitary ware co.,ltd created and started

Guangdong SMOOW Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in China National Historical and Cultural City
——China Porcelain·Chaozhou


In November, SMOOW Ceramic Sanitary Ware Factory was established.


In May, passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.
In August, the products were exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and the Middle East.


In September, Foshan Guangdong smoow sanitary ware co.,ltd. was established, and “SMOOW” Shenmu Ace series products were launched.
In October, successfully signed the Hong Kong film and television superstar Mr. Huang Rihua as the spokesperson of smoow brand image.


Willing to fight for the corporate mission for life!

SMOOW will "focus on the toilet for one hundred years" as the mission of the company.And is willing to fight for this mission for life!


In March, SMOOW won the "China Green Ceramics Recommendation Certificate"
In July, Guangdong SMOOW Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established.
In September, “SMOOW” was legally recognized as “China Famous Brand”
In December, SMOOW won the “China Famous Brand of Sanitary Ware”.


In July, the international standard product logo was adopted.

2014 to present

SMOOW Sanitary Ware Let the world use it!

Based on the core values of “integrity, unity, innovation, win-win, gratitude”, SMOOW people will persevere and unswervingly move forward and never stop!


In March, the SMOOW brand image was successfully upgraded. After the upgrade, the text was more aesthetic and the overall aesthetics. The new SMOOW upgrade indicates the deep development in the kitchen and bathroom field.